UVSA Ontario’s annual first event of the year, hosted at the end of the Welcome Back Tour. The Welcome Back Tour consists of UVSA Ontario executive and committee members attending regional VSA’s general meetings/kickoff/orientation to show support and educate the constituents about UVSA Ontario’s mission, goals, and events for the year. The purpose of the annual Meet and Greet is to allow for VSAs across Ontario/Eastern Canada to convene in learning more about UVSA Ontario as an organization including introducing the new executive board and committee members. Furthermore, it creates an opportunity for VSAs to network with each other and with UVSA Ontario. It is a high energy fun event with games catered to different personality types and needs with delicious food to end it all off! Meet & Greet sets the tone for the rest of the year with an overview of the expectations, initiatives, and events that the new team will be implementing.

Another annual tradition that has been re-branded from Halloween Bash to Boo’VSA’s Haunt & Flaunt! This annual social event was created to provide a break for university and college VSA students from their midterms through a night of networking, games, and fun! There is a competitive costume contest that includes various categories from couple costumes to group to most creative! The winners are voted on social media or through audience clapping. The festivities throughout the night reinvigorate the VSAs to prepare them for their future studies and keeps them connected to UVSA Ontario. Throughout the night, there is ample opportunities to bond, network, and form lasting friendships and partnerships.

The 21st annual Ignite Culture Show will be returning in March 2019 at the Greenwin Theatre at the Toronto Centre of Arts. Ignite was created with the purpose of sharing the Vietnamese culture through the creation of a performance space to celebrate and educate each other of Vietnamese traditions, customs, and history. Through a unique theme chosen by the UVSA Ontario team each year, the VSAs are given a subtheme to create a 10 minute performance encompassing various talents. The Ignite Culture Show fosters an environment of learning and creative expression for its participants to collectively put on showcase encompassing drama, dance, song, martial arts, magic, music, and more.

UVSA Ontario’s Leadership Summit (UOLS) is an annual conference held in May with it first implemented in May 2018. The Summit comprises of educational, professional, and interactive workshops and team-building activities aimed at empowering youth to become leaders within their community. The summit intends to bring students, community leaders, and professionals together to build social networks, discuss issues relevant to the Vietnamese community, and find ways to address those issues through student leadership initiatives.

Rising Stars for Change is an event created by UVSA Ontario’s Intercollegiate Council where members from many VSAs across Eastern Canada participate and showcase their performances in front of hundreds of people. Our goal emphasizes providing education and clean water to the children in the mountain in Vietnam. Embracing the theme Winter Wonderland, we hope to bring not only a merrier winter to the audiences and the participators but also a wonderland to the children dwelling in the mountain.